Context, Identity and You | Blog | design mind

by aepxc

We’re haltingly learning how to design in a way that plays to the strength of material and context, rather than trying to force everything into the same ill-fitting box. We’re getting better at load-balancing at a conceptual level; creating systems that tell stories in the aggregate. This newfound flexibility has created the capacity for counterpointing, playing things like the transience of the digital and the timelessness of the physical against one another. Witness the massive disparity between digital and physical design languages on products like the iPhone. You can love or hate the digital design language with all its fluff and fake leather, but it kind of works when placed on such a simple and clean physical device. Perhaps this also explains the continued love we feel for modernist design objects with their unrelenting focus on utility over personality. These things are our new pyramids, timeless forms that can weather the constant, daily change and evolution we experience in real-time.