‘Identity’ products

by aepxc

While the two following approaches manifest themselves similarly if successful, people interested in one will not be as interested in the other. From what I see, the dynamic is not one of “help me (publicly) express myself” but one of “similarly-minded people enjoy cooperating with one another”. The former means trying to figure out what people are interested in and trying to sell them on associated goods and services. The latter means pursuing intrinsic motivations and interests and allowing similarly-interested others to join you (and/or searching for and asking to join similarly-interested others). The former is an edge activity (for both participants) – the supply and display of (public) symbols. The latter is a core activity that eventually manifests at the edge. “I want to show that I’m an environmentalist” vs. “I want to work with other environmentalists wherever possible”; people figuring out that they can now advertise their identities vs. people figuring out that they can now pursue the interests central to their identities across a broader range of fields. The latter also results in the public display of identity, but it is a outcome, not a goal.